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My Massage Therapist in Golden Colorado & Psychic Abilities

Ingrid Khadijah Psychic and Massage Lover

Massage Can Increase Psychic Ability + General Well being

What did my massage therapist teach me about being a psychic? Well, I’ll tell you.

She taught me a few things about why it’s so vitally important to be relaxed to do proper readings for individuals. Psychic abilities have the capabilities of triggering in any state, in fact many times in war people will find themselves drawn to do certain things that end up saving their lives. But in this case it’s important to be relaxed for taking care of other peoples needs when it comes to a in person reading or over the phone.

I started to get regular massages and found that not only was able to get to the heart of the matter for my customers. So if you’re a psychic, it’s a tool of the trade to get regular massages so that you can better help your clients get what they need out of you.

It’s easy to not take care of ourselves when were always giving as psychics, not only is this great for you, but it’s great for your people you’re working with. Also the biggest thing I can say to you is to also avoid ALL Diet soda/foods with aspartame in it, this directly influences your ability to be the best you, you can be!

-Ingrid Khadijah

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