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Amazing New Office in Chatsworth CA

Chatsworth CA Contractors Built Our Office Check Out Our New Office in Chatsworth

Over the last several months we’ve gone through a lot of new things for our business. One we moved from Colorado to California in Chatsworth. 2 we actually gained enough capital through our business to hire a General Contractor in the area to help us modify an old building into our glorious new office building for psychic readings. The company we hired has been in business for over 30 years and they’ve built and remodeled and renovated fantastic works of art, even built custom homes for some of the most powerful people in the world!

But for us here in Chatsworth they hooked us a beautiful 2 story building that’s ready to take new clients. The amazing thing about this place is the crown molding inside the house and the custom doors built into it. There is nothing better then a beautiful new super white and bright place to work every day. We had a really dim low light place before and it felt like going to work in a dungeon, kind of a sad place. But after the construction was complete we knew our needs were met and exceeded.

We are so absolutely grateful to Scheer Construction – Chatsworth that we are advertising for them for free to our network. We’re prepared to create a beautiful testimonial for them when ever they ask, but for now here it a bit of information about their business.

You can find their business here it’s Chatsworth CA Construction, call them and tell them that Ingrid Khadijah sent you, and they’ll treat you like a king or queen!

-Ingrid Khadijah

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